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[It was rare for Arthur to take a few minutes to relax and do nothing, even more so to indulge in trivial activities such as playing with his new cat.

But no one was around, he was done with work and the small thing had the habit of sleeping on his lap when he was dreaming. He decided that he might as well pet her for a bit. He smiled down at the cat as she sprawled herself further on his lap, tummy up wanting to be scratched.]
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[They didn't invite people over all that often but Christmas was a time to spend Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends. In Arthur's case both things were one and the same and he wanted to show that he cared every now and then. All was finally ready.]

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[Once Eames arrives to the second floor he will a nice the table set for two, not too fancy, not too informal. Just how they liked it, with style.

The food's in the oven, but there's no sign of the point man anywhere. There is, however, a small red letter with the the name 'Eames'  written in it. Open it?]
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[The place was, at the very least, big. The museum was not a building one could miss, neither was the giant spider next to it. The curves on the building were random and they caught and reflex the light and the sky. It was a beautiful view and the tourist were clearly enjoying it. So was certain hard haired man, not a tourist for sure, staring at the reflex of the Guggenheim in the water. ]


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